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Welcome to our new transactional website !

Since 1997, PRESENCE sell and install products and solutions in the multimedia room market of all kind and is also a specialist in the office and desk optimization with sound masking and ergonomic products.

Our new dynamic web site is classified in product and solution category to help you select the product that fit your needs. Even if it is a transactionnal web site, we are still here to answer your questions, so please pick up the phone and call us. You will really appreciate the difference of having someone help you select the right product.

I hope you enjoy your visit and hope to serve you !


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Produits Ergonomiques

L'ergonomie au bureau, est l'adaptation de l'environnement de travail aux individus en termes de confort, santé et sécurité, en prenant en compte la posture et les mécanismes du corps. Une définition simple de l'ergonomie serait "Adapter le poste de travail à la personne" plutôt que "d'adapter la personne au poste de travail."